Sunday, September 16, 2007

TY!IDFinder Beta

YahooIDFinder is an easy-to-use program to find the list of Yahoo!IDs that have been logged in, with Yahoo! Messenger; in the PC.
YahooIDFinder supports Yahoo! Messenger 7.5, 8.0 & 8.1 .

* ID Search
* ID Deleter
* ID List Saver +Report
* Font & Color Settings
* Fast Scanning +Progress Bar

System Requirements:
MS Windows (& Vista) All Version +.NetFramework2.0
500 KB Free space

Download 174KB
Portable Software(.Exe) + Source

TFileDeleter Beta

TFileDeleter is a software(File Shredder) that deletes your selected files for ever, so you can't recover them.
This software has been test on FAT32 and NTFS, but it may works on another File System[Like: ZFS(Apple MAC, Leopard & Tiger), Type 8E(Fedora Core Linux), Linux Ext3(Common Linux FS), FAT16 & FAT12], too.

System Requirements:
*All MS Windows Version(& Vista) +.NET Framework2.0
*Linux +Mono Project
*Apple MAX OS

**500 KB Free space

Download 141KB
Portable Software(.Exe) + Source

Thursday, September 13, 2007

TObjectDock Beta

A small and cute dock on your desktop, that helps you to launch your files(All Files Support) very easily.

*10 Buttons
*21 MB - Max Ram Usage
*35% - Max CPU Usage
*All Images supported for 'Button BG Image'
*Unicode Support
*Color & Font Settings for 'Labels'
*Transparent Label BG Color
*Vertical & Horizental mode
*Time & Date view
*Simple Visual ButtonEffect

System Requirements:
All MS Windows Version(& Vista) +.Net Framework2.0
500 KB Freespace on HDD

Download 254KB
Portable File(Exe)  + Source

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

TObjectDock (Demo Version)

A little dock on your desktop, that you can set it very easily!

*10 Docks
*UniCode Supports
*Font & Color Settings
*All files support
*Most button images support
*Transparent BackColor

1-18 MB Ram Usage
2-Problem for Loading Settings form

The problem will be fixed on Beta version! Coming Soon...

Download Demo Version (251 KB, EXE file)