Monday, June 23, 2008

TImageLabel RC

TImageLabel creates labels on the images very easily. First ' Open ' your pictures. Next go to ' Label Settings ' & create a label. Then in ' Image Saving ' part, choose a folder by clicking ' Browse ' button for images with label to save. At last click ' Start ' & wait for the new images.

Software Features:

  • Label Position Option
  • Image (+ Label) Preview
  • All Image Format supports except Gif
  • All Image Format Saving supports
  • Save Image with its own Extension supports
  • Labling Duration Report
  • Labling Process never stop by Image Error

System Requirement:

Windows XP + .Net Framework 2.0 or 3.5
Windows Vista (All Versions)

Note: If you install .Net Framework 2.0 on your Windows, use ' TImageLabel 2.0.exe ' & if you install .Net Framework 3.5 on your Windows, use ' TImageLabel 3.5.exe '

Download 226 KB
ZIP file +VB.NET 2008 Source (Form .VB +Designer .VB)

T8BitBmp DLL

T8BitBmp converts any images with any formats to 8 Bit Depth Bitmap.

Usage Pattern:

T8BitBmp.T8BitBmp.BitConvert(ImageObj As System.Drawing.Bitmap) As System.Drawing.Bitmap

How to import DLL to Visual Studio?

Create a new Visual Basic Windows Application project. In menubar go to Project>Add Reference... . In new windows go to Browse tab. In File name field insert the path of your dll & press OK. Now you can use the DLL (Class Library).

Code Example:


Dim mypicture As New Bitmap("D:\My Pictures\Picture1.jpg")
Dim newpicture As Bitmap
newpicture = T8BitBmp.T8BitBmp.BitConvert(mypicture)
newpicture.Save("D:\My Pictures\NewPicture1.bmp")

End Sub

Download 6 KB
.ZIP = .DLL + .VB Source (Can be used in Visual Studio 2005 & 2008)