Friday, September 26, 2008


In this version, Extension Bug has been fixed. Now download TPicResizer with code changes and enjoy it!

Download 9KB
.RAR = .EXE (Portable Software) +VB.Net Source

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


TPicResizer is an easy-to-use software for resizing pictures. You can select multi images in each formats and resize them at once very fast.

Software Features:

  • Multi Picture Importing
  • Multi Picture Format Importing
  • Famous piture formats supports (Bmp, Emf, Exif, Gif, Icon, Jpeg, Png, Tiff & Wmf)
  • Famous piture formats supports for Saving (Bmp, Emf, Gif, Icon", Jpeg, Png, Tiff & Wmf)
  • Advanced Percentage Mode Resizing
  • Original Image Extension Saving supports
  • Property Item Remover supports

Note 1: Resizing pictures will reduce image quality slightly.
Note 2: TPicResizer ICON format Exporting has some problem.

How to use:

1-First import pictures you want to resize by clicking ' Open Images ' button.

2-Then go to ' New Size Options ' box. In this box, you should select a size mode. If you choose ' Custom Size ', you can choose the width and height for resizing pictures. And if you choose ' Percentage ', you can choose the percent for resizing. In percentage mode, the size of new picture will be the percent-that you choose-of old picture. For example if you choose 50%, all pictures new size will be 4 times less than their original size.

3-After that go to ' Saving Options ' box. Choose a path for saving new pictures by clicking ' Browse ' button. Then choose a name for pictures in saving. Now you should choose a extension for images to save; like: BMP, JPG and etc. If you check ' Keep original Extensions of File in Saving ', TPicResizer will save new pictures with the extension that the original pictures have. By checking ' Remove Property Item of Pictures while Saving ', the software will save new pictures without any property items; like: Camera Model, Date Picture Taken, ISO and etc.

4-At last click ' Start Resizing ' button and wait for your new pictures.

System Requirement:
Windows XP + dotNet Framework 2.0

Download 13 KB
.ZIP = .EXE (Portable Software) + .VB (VB.Net Source + Designer)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TYahooID Finder RC

If you use Yahoo Messenger to log in a ID , messenger will save ID settings and information in windows Registry. TYahooID Finder extracts these IDs and information and show them to you. The software is easy to use and fast. We tested TY!ID Finder on Yahoo Messenger 8.0 and 8.1 and it worked perfectly on these platforms and showed us really useful information.

Software Feature:
  • Items to Show:
  1. Add List (Only available on Yahoo Messenger 8.0)
  2. Profiles
  3. Log In Tries
  4. IDs in Add List
  5. Selected ChatRoom
  6. FT Information
  7. Archive Information
  8. Alert Messages
  9. Used Group
  10. Webcam Connection Information
  • User Interface Options
  • ID Delete
  • ID Finding
  • Report Showing + Result Saving

System Requirement:

Windows XP + dotNet Framework 2.0
Windows Vista (All Versions)

Download 174 KB

.ZIP = .EXE (Portable Software) + .VB Source +Designer (Compiled by SharpDevelop 2.2)