Friday, June 22, 2007

Send message on LAN

Type ' services.msc ' in Run. In menu bar; go to Action > Connect to another computer ... .
Type name of the computer that you want to send message to it. Hit OK.
Then in menu bar; go to Action > All Tasks > Send Console Message... .
In Message part, type your message. Finally hit Send.

Note1: To see the names of computer on the LAN,
in menu bar; go to Action > Connect to another computer ... . Hit Browse. In new window, hit Advanced ... . Then hit Find in new window. At the bottom of the window, you can see the Computer's Name.

Note2: You can type ' cmd ' in Run & then type ' net view ' in Command Prompt, to see the compter names on LAN

Note3: Hit OK if any kind of error occur & continue.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Useful Notes 3

11-Do you want to see WinXP Tooltips?
Type ' regedit ' in Run to open Registry Editor. Go to ' HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Tips '.
Now you can see the tooltips in String Value.

12-Do you want to hide a file in another file?
Copy the file that you want to hide to a folder; for example ' D:\Folder '. The file should a compress file like ZIP, RAR ,TAR and ... .
Copy other file (The hidden file will be attach to this file) to the folder that contains the file that you want to hide; here is ' D:\Folder '.
Type ' CMD ' in Run to open Command Prompt . Type ' D: ' in Command Prompt . Type ' cd ' and the path of the folder that contains the file that you want to hide in Command Prompt ; here is 'cd D:\Folder '.
Type ' Copy /b 1stFile + 2ndFile 3rdFile '. 1stFile is the name of the file that The hidden file will be attach to it.
2ndFile is the name of the file that you want to hide it.
3rdFile is the name of the file that will be produced and contians the hidden file. For example ' copy /b File1.jpg + File3.bmp '.
To run the hidden file open 3rdFile (here is File3.bmp ) by WinRAR, WinZIP ,KGB and ... .
Note: The extension of First file and Third file can not be Z, ZIP, RAR, TAR and ... .

13-Do you want to change the name of Guest User Account?
Turn on Guest user. Type ' control userpasswords2 ' in Run. Click on Guest . Hit Properties. In
new window, type the new name for the user.Then hit OK.

14-Do you want to make font by WinXP?
Type ' eudcedit ' in Run and start creating new font.

15-Do you want to make Setup (Wizard) by WinXP?
Type ' iexpress ' in Run.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Set a Background Image for your Drives

Open Notepad (Type ' notepad ' in Run). Type the text that you see below:

IconArea_Image= MyPicture
[.ShellClassInfo] ConfirmFileOp=0
// Created by Mohandes Zalatan

Change ' MyPicture ' to your image path. For example ' IconArea_Image= D:\My Folder\Picture.jpg ' (All Image Format Supported! ).
Now save it with this name ' Desktop.txt '. Change the extension to INI : ' Desktop.txt ' to ' Desktop.ini ' . Copy ' Desktop.ini ' to your drives (C:, D:, E: & ...).
You can not copy the file to subfolders on your drives, like: C:\My Picture or D:\Family.

Note: To see extensions of files, Go to ' My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>View '. Then Unmark ' Hide extensions for known file types '.

Hide Control Panel Icons

For hiding Control Panel Icons, Type ' regedit ' in Run. Go to ' HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don't load '. Create a String Value (Right-click on right part of Registry Editor and hit New>String Value ). Rename the String Value to your CPL (Control Panel Extension ) file name.
For example, ' firewall.cpl '. Then open the String Value; here is ' firewall.cpl '; to modify it. Type ' No ' in Value data text box and hit OK. Close Registry Editor.
If you want to show the Icon delete the String Value that you created.

Some CPL (Control Panel Extension ) :

access.cpl Accessibility Options
appwiz.cpl Add or Remove Programs
bthprops.cpl Bluetooth Devices
desk.cpl Display Properties
firewall.cpl Windows Firewall
hdwwiz.cpl Add Hardware Wizard
inetcpl.cpl Internet Properties
intl.cpl Regional and Languane Options
irprops.cpl Wireless Link
joy.cpl Game Controllers
main.cpl Mouse Properties
mmsys.cpl Sounds and Audio Devices Properties
ncpa.cpl Network Connections
netsetup.cpl Network Setup Wizard
nusrmgr.cpl User Accounts
odbccp32.cpl ODBC Data Source Administrator
powercfg.cpl Power Options Properties
sysdm.cpl System Properties
telephon.cpl Phone and Modem Options
timedate.cpl Date and Time Properties
wscui.cpl Windows Security Center
wuaucpl.cpl Automatic Updates

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Useful Notes 2

6-Your computer information (Network) =Type ' hcp://system/netdiag/dglogs.htm ' in Run.

Your computer information (Normal & Advanced) = Type ' hcp://system/sysinfo/sysinfomain.htm ', (Normal) or ' hcp://system/sysinfo/sysInfoLaunch.htm ', (Advanced) in Run.

8-Do you want to add a background image to your Desktop Background list?
Copy your favorite image to ' %windir%\WEB\Wallpaper '.

9-Do you want to chat with your friends on Internet or LAN (Local Area Network )?
Type ' winchat ' in Run.

10-A useful commands for your browser?
Type ' about:config ' in Opera or FireFox address bar to see Avdvanced Settings.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Useful Notes 1

1-Do you want to see you system info?
Type ' msinfo32 ' in Run (WinKey + R).

2-Do you know how to open a folder in Windows XP Explorer by CMD?
Open notepad (Type ' notepad ' in Run). Type ' explorer /e, FolderName ' in notepad; for example: ' explorer /e, C:\My Folder '. Save it; for example: ' Text.txt '. Change the extension of the file that you saved it by notepad to ' *.bat '; here is like this: ' Text.txt ' is changed to '' Text.bat '. Finished. Now run your file, Text.bat .

Note: To see extensions of files, Go to ' My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>View '. Then Unmark ' Hide extensions for known file types '.

3-Do you want to see your Search History on Windows XP?
Press ' WinKey + R ' to open Run. Type ' regedit 'to open Registry Editor. Go to ' HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5603 ' or ' HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-73586283-261478967-839522115-1003\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru '.

4-Do you want to change color of Windows XP part?
Press ' WinKey + R ' to open Run. Type ' regedit 'to open Registry Editor. Go to ' HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors '.

5-Windows XP Glossary = %windir%\Help\glossary.chm .

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

WinXP Environment

You want to go to D:\Folder1\Folder2\Folder3\Folder4\Folder5 . But with XP Environment; type %anything% in Run & go to your directory. But how?

Press WinKey + R to open Run. Type ' regedit ' to open Regisrty Editor. Go to ' HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\Environment '. Create a string value & choose a name for it; for example ' myfolder '. Open your string value to modify it; here is myfolder . Type the path of your folder or file; for example '
D:\Folder1\Folder2\Folder3\Folder4\Folder5 ' or ' D:\Folder1\Folder2\Folder3\Folder4\Folder5\Text.txt '. Close the Registry Editor. Log off & then Log on. Now type %your string value name%; here is %myfolder%, in Run (WinKey + R). Now you see your folder or file.
Note: The Registry path ' ControSet001 ' can be ' ControlSet002 ' or ' ControlSet003 '.