Monday, March 24, 2008

TModemManager Beta

TModemManager is an easy-to-use software for managing your PSTN modem by AT Commands.
Choose the COM port of your modem & connect to the device. Select a command & execute it.
By these command, you can change the Modem bell, set Modem speaker volume, get Modem info, set Modem mode, change Modem dialing options & etc.

Software Feature:
+ Auto/Manual COM Port Scanning
++ Phone Number Dialing
+++ 55 Useful AT Command

System Requirement:
* WindowsXP + .NET Framework 2.2
** Linux +MonoProject

/!\ Note1: TModemManager may cause occur Blue Screen of Death on MS Windows XP. TomyadSoft® is not responsible for any damage from TModemManager Beta.
/!\ Note2: This software is checked on Zoltrix 3Chips 56K Modem. And Executes all commands successfully.

55 KB
ZIP file= .EXE (Portable Application) + .VB (VB.Net Source)

%You can send the bugs to me via Sending Comment to This Post or Mailing it to mohandes[DOT]zalatan[AT SIGN]gmail[DOT]com .%

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