Monday, May 12, 2008


TSMS is an easy to use software for Sending & Receiving SMS. Just connect your Mobile Phone to your PC, launch TSMS & then choose your Mobile Modem.

Software Features:
*Unicode Support
*Pin Code Support
*Auto Modem Scan

System Requirement:
*Windows 2008
*Windows Vista
*Windows 2003 + dotNetFramework 2.0
*Windows XP + dotNetFramework 2.0
*Windows 2000 + dotNetFramework 2.0

491 KB + VB.NET Source
.ZIP = .MSI Setup

Copyrighted by ActiveXperts Software B.V.


jhonny wesley said...

i am looking for software like this. but i need to send multiple no of sms at a time, and i want to be able to send a 100 sms at a single click. can u modify the code for it? if u do it pls notify me at

Mohandes Zalatan said...

It is easy to do that.
Just use a loop to change the PhoneNo and then execute Send Command.

G%|) |_u(|<

Anonymous said...

it don't work with me ?? why is that ??

Mohandes Zalatan said...

Hi my friend!

It may has three reasons:

1-GSM modem driver of your phone is not installed correctly.

2-You do not select the correct COM port to communicate with your phone.

3-You do not install ActiveXperts Messaging DLL correctly. For more info visit .

Please explain your problem more and please put error messages here if there is any to can help you more.

Good LucK