Saturday, November 15, 2008


TQuiz is an application for taking virtual quiz. Teachers can use TQuiz to examine their students very easily and the students will enjoy the quiz.

How to use:

TQuiz has a question database is named ' QDB.mdb '. You can edit the database (e.g By MS Access) to record your own question. Meanwhile you should register 4 answers for a question. One correct answer and three wrong answers. Therefore the user has one 4 choices. If user chooses correct answer, she/he gets 3 positive point. If user chooses wrong answer, gets 1 negative point. And if user chooses no answer gets no point.

Examiner should specify Answer Key and quiz duration by using TAKeyGen. After running TAKeyGen you see software window. Now fill textboxes. Choose an integer (bigger than zero) for minute field. This field is for quiz duration. If you enter 20, the exam duration will be 20 minutes.

Then fill Answer(s) part. You should enter a stream contains the correct answers choice number.
For example, if Questoin1 Answer is second choice, Questoin2 Answer is first one and Question4 Answer is forth choice; your answer stream will be ' 214 '.

At last hit Generator button to create answer key. When answer key generated, you can save it. Choose this name: ' Setup.dat ' for the answer key.

Now copy TQuiz.exe (Main Software), QDB.mdb (Your Edited Question Database) and Setup.dat (Your Answer Key) to a new folder.
The quiz is ready. If a user launches TQuiz.exe in the new folder, she/he can take exam.

When the exam duration finished, TQuiz will show the user her/his report card.

Note: Do not copy TAKeyGen.exe to your new folder because this file is only for generating answer key.

System Requirement:

MS Windows XP with dotNet Framework 3.5 installed

Download 91 KB
.RAR (Extract It with WinRAR) = .EXE (Portable Windows Application) + .VB (VB.Net 2008 Source)

If you have any question (e.g More help for using TQuiz or need help for using modifying the Source) and suggestion, leave comment or contact me via my Email.


Mohamad Delavar said...

Im Mohamad Delavar (Civil engineer )
I Asked you something about " LCase " and you reply me
patiently , thank you much For you guidance And whats your idea about installer programm
i want to choose a program to instal Vb compiled application
which programm is better ?
thanks you again

Armin said...

Hi dear Mohammad!

I suggest Smart Install Maker!
It's a good software for making setup files.

Search that on persian download site.

G%D LucK

Mohandes Zalatan(Armin)