Friday, October 23, 2009

TSecurityCam Beta

TSecurityCam converts your WebCam to a Security Camera (IP Camera). Connect your webcam to your computer. Launch TSecCam and select your camera device in ' Camera List ' box. Then press ' Start ' button. After that you can have your security cam by clicking on ' Enable Security Camera ' button. Now if any person crosses in front of your camera, the software will alert you with a sound.
TSecCam also can dial an emergency number as an optional caution. Only you need to choose a phone number and select your modem COM port. If the number is busy, the application redials.
Another features of TSecurityCam is taking picture while warning from the camera scene.
Be careful that you need to choose a alert sound and taken pictures saving path via hitting ' Browse ' buttons.

System Requirement:
®: (XP 32/64 bit - Server 2003) + .Net Framework 3.5
CPU: 2.4 GHz AMD Sempron™ or intel® Celeron®
RAM: 256 MB
VGA: 64 MB Res(800 * 600)
HDD: 10 MB free space

Download TSecurityCam 245 KB
.RAR file contains portable exe application + VB.Net 2008 Source Code


TC said...

heya mohandes!
i plan on using and expanding on your TsecurityCam beta. if you permit, we would like to use it for a mini college project regarding motion capture.

Mohandes Zalatan said...

Hi dear TC.

That sounds good. If you need help on developing TSecCam, I am here to help you.

Good Luck my Friend!

TC said...

Thanks for the reply! The project is a Monitoring/Security System for a College Laboratory Classroom.

The project is going great. I would like to send you a final copy once we are done, after all, it was based on your work.

Also, I was wondering how I would make it so that two or more webcams may run simultaneously. We have expanded upon your program so that it has more than one PreviewWindow (the picturebox), but we are running across some driver problems when trying to run two cameras at once.

Thanks again.

Mohandes Zalatan said...

Hi my friend!

Welcome...I will be happy to see your project when it finished.

You know, using parallel camera capturing based on my code is impossible, because for capturing video I load a Windows dll and the DLL can not capture more than on device. So thats what you saw some driver errors.
For multi camera capturing you need a SDK sth like Intelligent Remote Module.

Best wishes for you and your team.
Good Luck; Armin

mick.fanclub said...

Dear Mohandes,

i really like your project,

but 1 thing i would really like is a ''beep'' code,

you can easily add a code of beeping by ''console.beep()''

but how do i get my console to beep, when there is movement detected?

Mohandes Zalatan said...

Hi my dear friend! How are you?

Sorry for answering too late :-(

To run Beep command while movement detection, go to Timer1_Tick event in Main.VB source. Then add Console.Beep() line in IF Condition after ' If alerter > 170 Then ' .

If you need any help, count on me.
Good Luck ;-}

Prateek Jagota said...

Can you please help me sir.I am unable use calling function.Please provide me the required info.
Thank you

deep said...

Hello sir, how are u..?
Actually I want to know about the connection of Modem COM port. I want to know, what all type of modems we can use to connect.

Mohandes Zalatan said...

Hi my friends...

Im fine and hope you be OK too!

Dear deep! The software can connect to each modem that it supports AT command and also it should provide a virtual COM port.

Dear Prateek Jagota! If your the software is unable to connect to your maybe it because your modem it used by other services or applications. Another reason is that your modem does not support ATD command.

G%D LucK my friends...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mohandes,

i am currently new using, i am currently working on my project i would just like to integrate the ipcamera using as my GUI,hope to hear from you soon..heres my email address

Mohandes Zalatan said...

Hi dude!

My email is @ the buttom of my blog. So if you need any help just feel free to contact me via that.

Good LucK