Monday, August 1, 2011

Shaft Designing using MATLAB

A shaft is a rotating member, usually of circular cross section, used to transmit power or motion. It provides the axis of rotation, or oscillation, of elements such as gears, pulleys, flywheels, cranks, sprockets, and the like [Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design]. Main goal of a mechanical engineering for designing a shaft is to determine shaft average diameter.

In ShaftDesigning source code, user should determine design factor, stress concentration factors, Marin factors, maximum bending momentum, maximum torsion, shaft material properties and initial value for shaft diameter on the . Then the source will calculate a good approximation for shaft average diameter by fixed point method. Combination of Von Mises yield criterion and Soderberg criterion are used for dynamic designing.

ShaftSolver source code is an additional tool for calculating bending momentum and torsion on the shaft. The code also solves supports forces and plots total momentum diagram based on elements used on the shaft.

Download Shaft Solver Pack
1.83 KB - MATLAB 2008 MFiles


Parsy said...

Hi Mohandes

when i run shaft designer,this appears

??? Input argument "Su" is undefined.

Error in ==> shaftdesigner at 5
if Su>1450

plzzz help me

Mohandes Zalatan said...

Hi Parsy!

How r u?

The error occurred bcoz u didnt defined Su (Ultimate Strength) of ur shaft material.

In original ' ShaftDesigning.m ' MFile not ' shaftdesigner.m ', u would see that Su is defined as 600 MPa so if u run ShaftDesigning.m via MATLAB u will see the result. Now u can change shaft parameters existed on ShaftDesigning like Sy, designing factor and so on to design ur own shaft.

Good Luck