Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Set a Background Image for your Drives

Open Notepad (Type ' notepad ' in Run). Type the text that you see below:

IconArea_Image= MyPicture
[.ShellClassInfo] ConfirmFileOp=0
// Created by Mohandes Zalatan

Change ' MyPicture ' to your image path. For example ' IconArea_Image= D:\My Folder\Picture.jpg ' (All Image Format Supported! ).
Now save it with this name ' Desktop.txt '. Change the extension to INI : ' Desktop.txt ' to ' Desktop.ini ' . Copy ' Desktop.ini ' to your drives (C:, D:, E: & ...).
You can not copy the file to subfolders on your drives, like: C:\My Picture or D:\Family.

Note: To see extensions of files, Go to ' My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>View '. Then Unmark ' Hide extensions for known file types '.

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