Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hide Control Panel Icons

For hiding Control Panel Icons, Type ' regedit ' in Run. Go to ' HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don't load '. Create a String Value (Right-click on right part of Registry Editor and hit New>String Value ). Rename the String Value to your CPL (Control Panel Extension ) file name.
For example, ' firewall.cpl '. Then open the String Value; here is ' firewall.cpl '; to modify it. Type ' No ' in Value data text box and hit OK. Close Registry Editor.
If you want to show the Icon delete the String Value that you created.

Some CPL (Control Panel Extension ) :

access.cpl Accessibility Options
appwiz.cpl Add or Remove Programs
bthprops.cpl Bluetooth Devices
desk.cpl Display Properties
firewall.cpl Windows Firewall
hdwwiz.cpl Add Hardware Wizard
inetcpl.cpl Internet Properties
intl.cpl Regional and Languane Options
irprops.cpl Wireless Link
joy.cpl Game Controllers
main.cpl Mouse Properties
mmsys.cpl Sounds and Audio Devices Properties
ncpa.cpl Network Connections
netsetup.cpl Network Setup Wizard
nusrmgr.cpl User Accounts
odbccp32.cpl ODBC Data Source Administrator
powercfg.cpl Power Options Properties
sysdm.cpl System Properties
telephon.cpl Phone and Modem Options
timedate.cpl Date and Time Properties
wscui.cpl Windows Security Center
wuaucpl.cpl Automatic Updates

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