Thursday, January 17, 2008

TMobileManager Beta

TMobileManager is an easy-to-use software to scan the main informations of mobile phone. Only select your mobile phone Device Management COM port & connect to the port.

Software Features:

Scaning in 5 Seconds
Command Display
Auto/Manual COM port Scanning
Color & Font Options
TXT & DOC File Saving

Note1: To get informations of COM ports in your PC, type ' devmgmt.msc ' in Run & select Ports(COM & LPT).

Note2: For refreshing the COM port list, hit Scan
button on toolstrip.

Note3: This software only checked on Sony Ericsson W810i. If TMobileManager can not scan your mobile phone, scan your mobile phone by TMobileManager in Display Command mode. Then send the result with your phone name (Manufacture ID + Model ID) to me. You can send it to my e-mail or send it to Post Comments.

*MS Windows XP + .NET Framework 2.0
**MS Windows Vista (All Versions)

Download + VB.NET Source
.ZIP= .EXE file, .VB Source 168 KB


ABRAHIM said...

مهندس برنامه های بسیار خوبی بود ممنون
مهندس جان برای ارسال پیام فارسی با ویژوال بیسیک همراه با سورس سراغ نداری
بازم ممنون

ABRAHIM said...

ببخشید ایمیل یادم رفت

Mohandes Zalatan said...


خواهش می کنم...

برای VB6:

برای VB.NET:

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