Friday, February 15, 2008


By TImageTools(TIT), you can resize, rotate & change DPI(Dots per Inch) of an image, very easily.
TIT supports '
.bmp; .emf; .exif; .gif; .jpeg ; .jpg; .png; .tiff; .wmf ' image formats.
You can save your edited image in ' .bmp; .emf; .exif; .gif; .ico; .jpeg; .jpg; .png; .tiff; .wmf ' formats.
TIT has ' Automatic Image Resizing ' (+ Percent), to have a symmetry image.

Note: If you rotate an image by TIT, the image quality will be reduced.

*MSWindows XP + .NET Framwork 2.0
**MS Windows Vista (All Versions)
***Linux +MonoProject

147 KB [ .ZIP = .EXE (Portable Software) & .VB (VB.NET Source) ]

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